User Engagement Checklist for Online Businesses Marketing

User Engagement Should Be Your #1 Metric

user engagement

The digital age has transformed the ways businesses communicate with customers.

You’re not only limited to store hours and phone conversations — your website has AI-driven chatbots and checkout features so customers can purchase products at any time, contact your store, and get an immediate response.

Is your digital marketing strategy optimized for your customers? Your customers will only support your business if every step of the customer journey is UX-driven. This is why you should integrate the customer experience into your marketing strategy.

How do you know your marketing strategy is tailored to the digital customer experience? To successfully test your user engagement in your marketing strategy, refer to this checklist.

Website Performance and User Experience

The first aspect you have to check is your web design. If your website is slow and has a disorganized layout or an inconvenient checkout process, you’ll lose customers.

What are some ways to know you have a bad UX design? Here are a few problems to look for: 

  • Slow loading times on your site
  • Important information too low on the page or way off to the side
  • The purchase process is too long
  • Content doesn’t provide value to the user
  • The website isn’t responsive with mobile

Any website issues during the customer’s journey are enough to make a potential customer bounce off your site and support a competitor.


Your website should provide an easy medium for customers to contact you. While shopping or browsing your website, there’s a chance your customer may have a question. Put this engagement as a priority and give your customers an immediate way to contact you.

Chatbots, a contact form, or even your NAP displayed on every web page are great examples of a website that makes it easy for customers to contact you. Don’t forget social media. Social media messenger marketing is an effective marketing tool that helps you connect better with customers.

Direct communication isn’t the only form of communication. Leave an area for customers to review your brand or submit recommendations. You can also publish previous testimonials to provide social proof.

Branding Consistency

There’s a reason why customers follow brands closely. Your customers recognize the aspects that make up your branding. Everything from the voice of your content to specific color schemes will remind customers of your brand.

To engage customers digitally, ensure you utilize your branding for all digital mediums.

Write your blogs and social scripts and create your videos and other visuals to fit a certain voice. Keep your voice and any slogans or sayings in your customer service scripts at all times.

If you have a specific color scheme, artwork, design or logo, make sure it’s visible on your website and social media pages.

Boost User Engagement with Our Help

While many businesses have a marketing strategy, very few marketing strategies are optimized for user engagement. Follow this checklist to ensure your marketing techniques are driven by the customer journey.

If you don’t adjust your marketing to the customer experience, you risk losing sales.


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