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How Our Short-Term Hosting Works

We Are Your Tenants

We sign a term lease for your rental property just like any other tenant. You are paid on-time each month. The difference is that we list your property on short-term rental sites such as Airbnb and we host our Guests stays. This includes scheduling, cleaning, and Guests interactions. We do not live on the property.

We do NOT sub-lease the property to our Guests. We are the tenants and responsible for taking care of your property when hosting our paid Guests.

These Are Our GuestS!

We host Guests travelers from all over the world looking for  a short-term place to call home. The explosion of platforms such as Airbnb have been largely driven by the need for more convenience, options, and maintaining a home feel while traveling.

Our Guests come from all walks of life including singles, couples, families, friends, and coworkers.

The truth is that your property allows our Guests to travel comfortably and provide access to the many treasures around your city!

Benefits Of Short-Term Hosting

As a landlord you want to maintain consistent occupancy of your rental property to maximize monthly profits. Next, you want to have great tenants taking care of your property.

The benefit of our service is that your rent is paid on time each month like clockwork. In addition, you will have a tenant that will have a shared interest in maintaining your property to high standards. Your home is our home.

Benefits of Short-Term Guests

When we host our Guests we implement strict guidelines and instructions upfront to provide a great experience for the Guests and protection for your property.

We find that the vast majority of Guests take tremendous pride and courtesy when staying in someone else’s home on a short-term basis.

In addition to your property being insured through Airbnb for damages occurring during a stay, your property will be frequently inspected and cleaned by our representatives. Your involvement in Guests stays will be hands off.

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