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Los Angeles Messenger Marketing Services

Los Angeles has long been the destination for millions of Hollywood and entertainment hopefuls looking to make it big. Marketing and advertising are big business in the Golden State, so it makes sense that local businesses are always looking for better ways to reach their customers.

With the beautiful weather and endless entertainment options, there is no doubt that Angelenos have many distractions. So the question becomes, “how can business owners stay engaged with customers who are constantly on the go?” The answer is Messenger Marketing!

“The truth is customers aren’t always likely to remember a digital advertisement. However, customers are far more likely to remember a conversation.” – Chatbot Samba

Our Los Angeles Messenger Marketing services allow you to “keep the conversation going” with both new and existing customers. We help you create messenger marketing campaigns to keep your customers engaged with your brand, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing funnels.

Regardless if your local business is serving Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Clarita, or Glendale we can help!

Los Angeles Messenger Marketing Campaign Examples

Market To Hollywood Lunch Crowd


You are a local restaurant in the Hollywood area who has begun to see your lunch crowd attendance take a dip over the past few months.

You know that you are still providing an exceptional customer experience, however, the business needs to generate some excitement and awareness to keep growing.


New London Media creates a Los Angeles Messenger Marketing Facebook campaign to target local residents and businesses within the area, advertising the latest lunch specials, coupons, and new menu items.

In addition, we design and implement a chatbot to proactively ask customers to make a reservation to by-pass long wait times.

Chatbot Lead Qualification In Westwood


You are a rapidly growing law firm located in the heart of Westwood. A major court ruling has come down from a case involving victims of chemical exposure, in which victims are entitled to financial compensation.

You don’t have the manpower to intake and qualify all of the leads that come into the office. This potentially could cost the firm hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed opportunity.


New London Media designs and implements a Los Angeles Messenger Marketing campaign, using a Lead Qualification Chatbot directly on your website.

If the chatbot determines the website user requires immediate assistance, it then will transfer the user over to a live representative, or schedules a high-priority meeting with a legal professional.

If the inquiry isn’t urgent, the chatbot allows the user to schedule a 15-minute consultation at a later date.

Non-Profit Donations in Venice


As a local non-profit based in Venice, raising awareness regarding community donation events is paramount to the long-term success of the organization.

You have noticed that donations have been falling year over year, and need to find a way to re-engage local sponsors and donors.


New London Media creates a Los Angeles Messenger Marketing campaign on Facebook to distribute your news and blog content to your subscribers directly in Messenger.

In addition, we help you develop a content marketing strategy that keeps your subscribers engaged with your organization and its Mission Statement.

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