How to Improve Your Business’s Local Rank in Google

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Nearly one-third of all searches are related to location. This means big potential for businesses who rank locally.

But, how can you rank locally?

Using effective SEO strategies can bolster your local rank and help you acquire new leads. In this article, we’ll give you the six most critical factors to rank your business in a local search.

Ready to find out? Let’s start.

#1. Improve Your Local Rank with a Google My Business Page

The first step in boosting your local rank is acquiring your Google My Business Page. Setting up this page allows you to input relevant data that will help customers find you in search. 

To set up your Google My Business Page, you can follow these instructions from Google. 

#2. Enter Complete Data

Giving Google as much information as you can is key to rank locally.

Make sure you’ve provided Google with your physical location, contact information, and your hours. This information should also appear on all the important pages on your site.

#3. Encourage Reviews

More reviews means more relevance.

Encourage any existing customers to leave a review on popular websites. Yelp is one of the best because it is used within Google Maps.

You can give incentives to customers by providing a discount in exchange for reviews. Another good practice is having a whole page dedicated to instructions on how customers can leave a review for you.

#4. Use Keywords with Your Local Area

Longtail keywords that contain your local area boost your SEO ranking for your area.

Effective keywords for your business are usually comprised of your product or service plus your local area. If you’re struck out for ideas, take a look at some of the keywords your competitors rank for.

If keyword research befuddles you, our SEO experts can help you find keywords that are relevant and effective for your business.

#5. Create Relevant Content

To rank your business in local search, make sure you are providing relevant and engaging content for the keywords you’re using.

Elaborate on topics relevant to your keywords and provide value to your readers. Valuable content gets shared and can increase traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads and more business!

#6. Verify Your Location

86% of people use Google Maps to find a location. Optimizing for Google Maps can increase the number of people that find your business.

By verifying your business via Google My Business Page, you can ensure your business appears in Google Maps.

Business Ranking in Local Search Needs Effective SEO

The key to increasing your local rank is implementing SEO strategies that increase your relevance. This means giving Google as much data as possible while creating relevant, valuable, and keyword optimized content.

Reviews also contribute to SEO ranking. Incentivizing existing customers to leave reviews can increase your relevancy on Google Search and Google Maps. 

Want to learn more about how to grow your business using SEO?  We at New London Media provide high-quality SEO optimization to help increase your local inbound leads.


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