Chatbots For Dentists

Why You Need Chatbots In Your Dental Practice

Chatbots for dentists

Not long ago, having conversations about implementing technologies like chatbots for dentists was more painful than a root canal. And to some degree, the push back made sense. Dental work has been performed for centuries, and the business model has survived in-tact and flourished without the need for automation, particularly at the front end of the business. However, over time, there has been a seismic shift in the number of dentists now turning to digital marketing tools like chatbots to re-imagine how they interact with their patients.

In this article, we will discuss why adding chatbots to your dental practice is critical, and also make recommendations on how you can leverage them effectively. Here are the top reasons why you should implement a bot on your website:

  1. They can help with social distancing
  2. Ability to answer commonly asked questions
  3. Improves the patient experience
  4. Enhances your Return on Output
  5. Appointment scheduling

Automation Is King

The term “automation” has been a buzz-word tossed around conferences and TED Talks for years now. However, unlike many large corporations who are making big strides at implementing its concepts, small-to-medium-sized medical practices have been more reluctant to embrace these innovations. One possible reason for the reluctance to adapt the technology by dentists is not knowing what to automate, when to do so, and understanding the effects on their practice.

When walking into a dental office, typically, the scene we encounter is a front desk receptionist, followed by a hygienist, and lastly, a visit from a licensed dentist. While the future of automating dental procedures may be much closer than we think, the chances of a robot doing teeth cleanings are highly unlikely anytime soon. However, chatbot automation is primed and ready to help improve office social distancing protocols and customer-service related roles. Let’s examine some essential functions chatbots can perform for your dental practice.

1) Chatbots can help with social distancing

Using chatbots for Social distancing in dentists office

Let’s be honest, but no one could have foreseen the devastating effects of COVID-19 and the way it would change both medical and social norms forever. Chatbots are uniquely positioned to help dental offices maximize the effectiveness of their office social distancing protocols by allowing patients to be triaged in their vehicles before stepping foot into the office. This can significantly aid in reducing crowded waiting areas and potentially the spread of viruses and bacteria.

2) Chatbots can answer commonly asked questions

If your dentist office is anything like mine, every time I’m in the waiting room I hear the receptionist fielding call after call from current and prospective patients. If you were to poll your office’s receptionists and ask them what are the 10 most commonly asked questions, they could probably recite them pretty quickly. Often, many of these inquiries could be solved without the need of human intervention by leveraging a chatbot, thus, freeing up more time of front-end staff to be able to help out with other important back-office task.

3) Chatbots can Improve The Patient Experience

woman interacting with a chatbot on a laptop computer

According to studies, over 62% of US consumers like interacting with chatbots when communicating with businesses. Millennials are often leading this charge and looking for businesses that can provide them what they need without being forced to make a phone call. Chatbots for dental practices are a great way to remove barriers for younger patients looking to book appointments, get specific answers to commonly asked questions, or be able to place orders for specific dental products.

4) Chatbots Enhance Your Return on Output (ROO)

While your staff may only work from 8-5 pm, chatbots work around the clock. In addition, they allow you to better optimize your inbound workflow. For example, by leveraging a website chatbot, your front desk staff could double or triple their capacity to handle incoming inquires as well as multi-tasking, thus, increasing their productivity and financial Return on Output (ROO). In a world in which dental practices are forced to tighten their financial belts and maximize their cost, chatbots are a relatively inexpensive way to get a lot of output for minimal investment input.

5) Chatbots can Help with appointments and scheduling


Integrating chatbot automation on your dental website is a strategic way to provide a warm greeting, while routing users to these answers by using a simple conversation flow. For example, when a user clicks on your website, in the bottom right-hand corner, a chatbot or agents pops up and provides a greeting and provides some basic options that the user can choose from like:

  • “Appointments”
  • “Billing”
  • “Callbacks”

In the case where a person selects “Appointments,” the chatbot can provide a conversational flow that allows the user to make an in-person or virtual appointment, check the dentist’s calendar, or transfers the chat conversation directly to the front desk.

Chatbots For Dentist Are The Future

After reading this article, you now have a few more ideas about how chatbots can help your dental practice automate critical tasks. The world is rapidly changing, and the manner in which dentists deliver services to their patients will also need to change in the years ahead.

If you have been putting off integrating new technologies into your practice, now is as good a time as any to take a second look at the mountain of benefits a single piece of computer code can do for your business.


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