8 Ways Chatbots Can Greatly Improve Customer Service

Hiring Soon? Consider Chatbot Services

Are you constantly looking for ways to improve your customer service? How about enhancing a user’s experience on your website? Did you know that if you improve one of these you will also improve the other?

Let’s dive deeper.

It’s no secret that User Experience (UX) and customer service have long been tied at the hip. And it makes total sense, that if you can make a customer’s interaction with your business as seamless and convenient as possible, they will likely walk away from it with a positive impression of your brand.

However, in terms of your website, UX and customer service is taken to a deeper level, with even broader implications than just customer delight.

User Experience (UX) is an essential part of SEO. Google pays close attention to your site’s bounce rate with its visitors and uses that as a ranking factor to either promote or demote your site in search rankings.

When people bounce off your site quickly, it ultimately sends negative signals to Google that your site is providing users with a poor user experience. This is why providing exceptional customer service on your website is literally one of the best investments you will ever make!

If you can keep your visitors engaged and receiving value from your site for longer, this can drastically enhance your UX, which also improves customer service, and ultimately helps increase your search rankings.

The perfect trifecta!

However, many people have trouble providing excellent and consistent customer service. If this is happening to you, then a chatbot service may be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you find that hard to believe, then you should read what’s below and learn why chatbots are amazing tools to improve both UX and customer service at the same time.

1. Chatbots Can Hold Realistic Conversations

One of the reasons why people prefer a 1-on-1 type of customer service is because it feels more personal. No one likes it when they feel that the person they’re chatting with is a million miles away. This is also one of the reasons why messenger marketing is better than e-mail marketing.

Chatbots bring that experience for your customers. They engage with customers in a way that makes them forget they’re chatting with a coded program.

Many people avoid chatbots because they fear that they’ll provide robotic conversations. While this was true in years past, technology has advanced enough that it will appear as though real people are talking to your customers.

Nowadays, strings of code allow chatbots to understand a customer’s sentence. Even with broken sentences, chatbots will not have any problem deciphering what the customers mean. This will improve customer service even for visitors who have problems with grammar.

2. Chatbots Provide Friendly Customer Interactions

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Because it’s a coded program, chatbots have 0 chance of giving your customers sass. Yes, it’s true that you can train people to never be rude to customers. The problem with that though is that humans are unpredictable.

You never know when someone is a mild inconvenience away from snapping. This often occurs when a customer doesn’t seem to listen to the advice of customer service. Many people tend to lose patience when they have to repeat themselves over and over again.

With chatbots though, you will never have to worry about this happening. They will never stray from the script they’re programmed to follow. So, rest assured, even when a customer becomes too much to bear, the chatbot will provide a wholesome user experience.

They also will not respond to aggression with aggression, as most people do. This gives you even more reassurance that your customers won’t leave your website out of spite. In fact, chatbots may even convince such customers to join your community.

Recruitment chatbots, as experts refer to them, can increase the number of your subscribers.

Using these chatbots also make sure that no scams are happening under your business’s name. Gaining a subscriber means needing a lot of information from them, and at times the information they provide can give bad eggs an opportunity to steal from them.

So, as you can see, chatbots provide safety and kindness for all your visitors.

3. Chatbots Allow Stress-Free Customer Service

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The best part about using chatbots for customer service is that you have an automated representative on the frontline that can help filter or resolve customer issues before you even have to become involved. 

Let’s face it, many of us have been in a customer service role at some point in our lives. The truth is that meeting customer expectation isn’t always the easiest position to be in.

The customer service industry can prove to be stressful for many people. This is because agents have to take the time to understand each individual problem to provide customers with the service they deserve.

It’s important to note that chatbots are not going to fully replace the need for human intervention in the customer service process. However, chatbots can provide an extraordinary buffer between customers and problem resolution.

Taking this a step further, the fact that chatbots aren’t human can often lead to a de-escalation of tensions with a customer.

For example, let’s say that anytime a customer engages your chatbot about a customer service issue, the chatbot immediately asks the customer if it can tell him/her a quick joke.

If the customer agrees to hear the joke, then at the end of the sequence the chatbot will offer the customer a 10% OFF coupon for being a good sport.

That’s exactly the power of chatbots for customer service! Even in the midst of solving a customer’s problem, you can still add business value to the transaction.

4. Chatbots Are Always Available

Another reason people become stressed in the industry is that they’re expected to be ready all the time. They have to be ready for customers who need help, ready to answer their problems, and ready to have the answer to any problem that happens along the way, even unforeseen ones.

Chatbots can fill in for everything listed above. They’re always on standby until a visitor lands on the website. They’re then always available for the user until the visitor leaves.

This allows your customers to receive answers to their questions as soon as they ask them.

That said, remember that chatbots still have limits. They won’t have answers to every kind of question. They can only give automatic responses meant to hold off customers until a human customer representative can provide definitive answers.

5. Chatbot Personas Can Be Customized

A great feature that chatbots have is that they’re highly customizable. 

You can customize things like their greeting message and introduction. Now the chatbot can say something more specific, like “Good morning, we don’t have a customer representative available right now but feel free to leave us a message.”

It requires a little more effort, but personalizing the chatbot helps it feel more natural and encourages users to respond. People will still know they’re not talking to a human but it will feel less intrusive and more natural.

You can also program them to understand multiple languages to fit a bigger audience. Doing this will also increase your SEO score as they factor in accessibility in the rankings.

You can also create a chatbot for yourself with ease. Many tools and software online can help you achieve this. This is perfect if you can’t find a chatbot that you think fits your website’s tone.

6. It’s Better than IVR Services

IVR services were once considered to be the pinnacle of automated customer support. Interactive voice response (IVR) services were exclusive to landlines before, and they often requested you to input a number or state a request to proceed.

The problem with these services was that they were riddled with flaws. Sometimes, number inputs would lead customers to wrong conversation paths.

Chatbots will not have the same problems that IVR services have. This is because bots have the internet’s worth of knowledge for vocabulary. This means that they’ll comprehend most of what customers type in.

7. Never-Ending Customer Interaction

The problem with having manual messenger marketing is that people are out of sync. The time you’re sleeping may be the time when your customers need your assistance. Who will be there for them while you’re snoozing away?

Yes, you can hire other people to cover for the time you’re offline. The problem there though is that they may be unavailable at the last minute. The chances of this happening are high, and businesses often crumble because of it.

Having a chatbot installed covers for all scenarios like this one. Whenever the customer wishes, your chatbot will be there to assist them. This also means they don’t have to wait for you to write back to them for a response.

8. No Chance of Misinformation

While you’re out and your chatbot responds to your customers, how can you be sure the information it provides them is accurate and for the benefit of your business?

The answer is, in a quite literal sense, in your hands. You are the one that programs what the chatbot says. It gets all its information from what you input in its databases.

You won’t be able to address everything. However, you can still program the chatbox to lead customers to your contact number or to email a more detailed account of their concerns.

Using Chatbot Services is the Best Choice for Your Business

Chatbot services are what you need to get a high customer service ratings. Automating customer service is a trend among top websites today. So, join in and become one of the top websites out there now!


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